Automated Inspection

Vertical and optional horizontal motion along with a 360° rotary table for complete surface inspection

Application Specific

Multiple scanhead options to choose from to select the most appropriate

Large capacity fully automated 3D laser scanning

ShapeGrabber Ai810 3D scanners are ideal for quickly scanning parts that vary in size and shape. With Ai810, users can reduce inspection time and greatly enhance part coverage while increasing customer satisfaction by reducing defects and providing proof that specs are met.

Rapid and efficient inspection scans also reduce production equipment downtime, material waste, and human inspection error. ShapeGrabber Ai810 offers:

    - Complete, fast turnkey measurement and inspection solution

    - Precision, non-contact laser scanning

    - Automated surface inspection in minutes

    - Multiple scanhead configurations to accommodate a range of part sizes

    - Ideal for castings, plastics and 3D printed parts or parts with complex shapes

    - Scans parts in a wide variety of materials, colors, and finishes

XYZ Travel (mm) Standard

800 L x 400 ? with SG356 Scanhead

Technical Data

Max Scan Volume (mm)

Standard Vertical Axis

800 L x 400 ? with SG356 Scanhead

Optional Horizontal Axis

1250 x 345 x 400 with SG356 Scanhead



40,000 – 350,000+


SGCentralSGCapture (Optional)PolyWorks (Optional)Geomagic (Optional)


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