LFOV Optical System

Completely telecentric, large field of view optical system

Handles Large Shafts and Turned Parts

Measure diameters as large as 100 mm and lengths up to 800 mm

Granite base

Support for rotary provides a rigid base and isolates vibration

High Performance Floor Model Shaft Measuring Machine

TurnCheck? Series-10 systems offer a fast, easy way to measure shafts, cylinders and other turned, ground or extruded parts. Just place the part and press GO.

TurnCheck Series-10 systems are precision optical measuring instruments designed for shop floor environments. TurnCheck systems are rugged and reliable, accommodating parts up to 175 mm diameter by 800 mm in length. TurnCheck will scan and measure a part in seconds using its telecentric, large field of view optical system. With 100 mm wide field of view and vertical range of 400, 600 or 800 mm, TurnCheck Series-10 systems can handle just about any turned or ground part. TurnCheck software allows easy measurement of diameters, lengths, distances, angles, radii, form, position, cylindricity, and runout – and can output point data for external analysis.

The movable tailstock assembly is designed to be easily operated with one hand for precision mechanical alignment of the workpiece. Additional optional workholding kits that fit into the spindle accommodate workpieces that do not have centers. Granite base support for rotary provides a rigid base and isolates vibration.

XYZ Travel (mm) Standard

10|40 – 400 L x 100 ?
10|60 – 600 L x 100 ?

Technical Data


Measuring Range (mm)

10|40 – 400 L x 100 ?
10|60 – 600 L x 100 ?
10|80 – 800 L x 100 ?



10|40 – 400 L x 175 ?
10|60 – 600 L x 175 ?
10|80 – 800 L x 175 ?


TurnCheck SoftwareSmartProfile (Optional)

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