Designed for Optimum Scanning Probe Performance

SmartScope® SP systems are designed for optimum scanning probe performance. Starting with a rigid base structure, the system mechanics are designed to optimize dynamic data acquisition critical to scanning probe performance. Most performance specifications for SP models are according to ISO 10360 standards.

SmartScope SP optics combine a wide field objective lens, digital zoom, and 5 megapixel monochrome digital camera, providing a distortion-free 16 mm diagonal field of view at low zoom, with high resolution at high zoom. Careful design of both optics and illumination sources ensure accurate imaging at all zoom levels.

SmartScope SP systems are available in a range of XYZ machine travels. The SP25M scanning probe is included as standard with all SmartScope SP models. The optional TeleStar Plus laser offers very long working distance with sub-micron resolution. The on-axis and through-the-lens design allows laser measurement over the full measuring range of the system.


  • Optimum Scanning Probe Performance
  • Exceptional Video Capabilities
  • Automatically Compensate Magnification for Each Zoom Position
  • Illumination to Measure the Most Challenging Parts from All Angles
  • 3D Capability


  • Rigid base structure
  • Megapixel camera with wide field lens
  • AccuCentric? motorized zoom lens
  • Standard profile light, coaxial surface light, and SmartRing? light.
  • ZONE3 metrology software allows for 3D and CAD-based measurement with all sensors
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