Simple Interface with Powerful Features

SNAP-X Measurement Software provides the user with a simple, powerful interface with a full range of feature measurements with or without a pre-programmed routine. SNAP-X software has three functions to allow for a range of different uses.

  • Measure

    Simply place the part on the stage, and start measuring with one click. SNAP-X software scans the image and Feature Extracts all discernible features. The results can be viewed with no further action, or the features can be turned into measured steps for a program.

  • Analyze

    Gives users the ability to address more complex GD&T requirements such as profile or true position. The display and reporting capabilities provide both graphical, color coded whiskers of deviation, and GD&T callouts on the part CAD.

  • Compare

    Compare the live video image to the CAD overlay as with an optical comparator, but with much greater resolution. Color coded tolerance bands help to identify if a part is within tolerance.

SNAP-X Measurement Software is compatible with SNAP Large Field-of-View Measurement Systems, c-vision systems, and Contour Projectors with VidiProbe.

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