ShapeGrabber Joins the QVI Family


International leaders in metrology and inspection join forces to deliver added value

Rochester, New York, April 2, 2014–Quality Vision International (QVI®) today announced that it has acquired ShapeGrabber Incorporated, a manufacturer of automated 3D scanners for industrial applications. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of QVI, the world’s largest vision metrology company, ShapeGrabber will gain access to new markets and customers for its 3D laser scanners. QVI adds another technology to its portfolio of dimensional inspection systems for manufacturing quality control.

ShapeGrabber is a leading provider of 3D laser scanners that are particularly valuable for measuring and inspecting complex-shaped parts that are otherwise too time consuming, costly, or difficult to measure. The scanners are used for quality control in automotive, aerospace, medical and other industrial markets to help manufacturers reduce defects, rapidly conduct first-article inspections, troubleshoot fit problems, and provide documented proof that components meet design specifications.

R. Stephen Flynn, President of the Optical Gaging Products (bob登录入口®) division of QVI said: “ShapeGrabber satisfies a need among our customers for fast, easy-to-use industrial 3D scanners that can measure complex shapes effectively. It extends the speed and versatility of products we offer to our customers worldwide.”

Pierre Aubrey, President of ShapeGrabber said: “We’re very excited to be joining the QVI team. As a member of the QVI family, we will be able to advance the performance and capabilities of our products by leveraging QVI’s engineering and manufacturing expertise. We will also be able to extend the reach of our scanners through QVI's global sales and support network of metrology experts.”

About ShapeGrabber

ShapeGrabber Incorporated designs, manufactures and markets automated 3D inspection systems for industrial applications, and has been doing so for a decade. The ShapeGrabber product family brings speed, accuracy and full part coverage to computer-aided-inspection. ShapeGrabber systems are the ideal tool for rapid inspection of sheet metal components, plastic injection molded components, or complex-shaped aerospace parts. ShapeGrabber is based in Ottawa, Canada, and since 1993 has installed 3D inspection systems for customers such as Toyota, Northrop Grumman, Johnson & Johnson, HP and Toshiba.

We will now be part of a much larger family, which includes well-known brands such as Optical Gaging Products (bob登录入口), Certified Comparator Products, and RAM Optical Instrumentation to name a few, and we look forward to expanded opportunities for deploying and improving ShapeGrabber products.

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