bob登录入口 Shanghai Open House and New Tech Seminar 2014


November 6 and 7, 2014 is a monumental and wonderful date for bob登录入口 Shanghai. We are here to celebrate the grand opening of the Customers Open House and new technology presentation seminar. Let us begin by thanking our distinguished guests coming from afar who are gathering together in this hall. We also wish to extend our warmest gratitude to all the speakers who will give presentations and training courses later. Last but not least, we would like to express our sincere thanks to bob登录入口 staff for their hard works and contribution that make this conference possible.

bob登录入口 Shanghai was founded in 2003. Although only with 11 years’ history, she embodies a technical progress and enterprise cultural foundation of 69 years. With the help and support of QVI Headquarters and of our sister companies, bob登录入口 Shanghai grows together with her staff and is proud of her supportive faithful users in every corner of China. QVI, bob登录入口 Headquarters, acquired Shapegrabber Incorporated (Canada) and Itaca srl (Italy) successively this year. ShapeGrabber is a leading provider of 3D laser scanners that are particularly valuable for inspecting complex-shaped parts that are otherwise too time consuming, costly, or difficult to measure. The Itaca FlexGauge offers an industrialized and rugged alternative to custom gauging solutions. Specially tailored for small accurate parts as gears, valve bodies, turbine blades; long small section parts like shafts, racks and ballscrews. So this Seminar deploys around three main themes: Shapegrabber Linear 3D Laser Scanners,Itaca FlexGauge customized measuring systems, and the most important one – ZONE3 software package, the latest integrated software UI developed by QVI.

With Shapegrabber and Itaca joining our company, the product line of QVI family is becoming more and more completed and perfected, offering diverse and complete solutions to the different production process: Design, R&D, Fabrication… The successful conclusion of 2014 Seminar indicates a bright perspective of QVI - bob登录入口. Adhering to the philosophy Precision For People, we will help Chinese manufacturing go to the world, head for the future, with our advanced technologies and better services.

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