QVI ZONE3 3D CAD-Based Metrology Software for Smar


Optical Gaging Products (bob登录入口®), a division of Quality Vision International (QVI®), introduces the new QVI ZONE3 CAD-based metrology software, for use on its SmartScope® family of multisensor dimensional measurement systems.

QVI ZONE3 is next-generation metrology software that offers full 3D CAD-based programming in a multisensor measurement environment. ZONE3 includes the full range of geometric measurement capabilities, as well as advanced features such as multisensor automatic path generation, animation-assisted alignment tools, real-time virtual machine kinematics, a graphical sensor builder, and a universal construction tool. ZONE3 can be configured for specific user needs, offering custom user forms and variables, report formatting, dynamic reporting with measurement result flyouts displayed on the 3D part model, and part family programming. This powerful metrology software also features available integral GD&T evaluation, with animated GD&T tolerance zones, and simultaneous requirement analysis.

ZONE3 is the newest member of the QVI metrology software suite, accessible via the QVI Portal desktop. Other Portal-based metrology software includes user-friendly Measure-X®; MeasureMind® 3D for full 3D multisensor measurement; VMS for high-speed, high-feature-density 2D measurement; and Elements® for turn-key electronic part measurement. The QVI Portal interface allows users to select the metrology software to suit the measurement tasks at hand.

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