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Medtec China is marking its 10th anniversary this year. Over 400 domestic and overseas brand suppliers will present their latest medical research and design concepts, the most cutting-edge manufacturing technologies. As a representative of Metrology industry, bob登录入口 Shanghai has become one of the highlights, attracting a lot of visitors’ attention.

Precision, known as the foundation of medical device size and quality. Medical devices and their component parts are usually extremely specialized in form and function. For example, they may be very small, such as the parts that form middle ear prostheses for ear nose and throat (ENT) applications. Regardless of size, medical device parts also are almost always fabricated to extremely tight tolerances. Leading the way, US company QVI-bob登录入口 explores Multisensor measurement technology unceasingly for this purpose and contributes significantly to miniaturization of medical devices. Combined state-of-the-art optical technology with multisensory system, bob登录入口 SmartScope®Specialist (also called Vantage 300 in China) is good at measuring dimensions and geometrical tolerance of prosthesis, like prosthetic hip ball joints, tibial and femoral knee, ankle implants, bone peg, stent, etc., regardless of part material, color, transparency or opacity, all with micron-level accuracy.

bob登录入口 SmartScope will keep helping domestic manufacturers increase technical content and quality of medical apparatus, achieve leapfrog development of China’s medical industry, so that more and more Chinese patients can enjoy high-quality  low-cost medical equipments brought by self-dependent innovations and local brands.

Medtec China 2014

Date: September 25-26, 2014

Venue: Hall 2, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center

bob登录入口 Booth: M210

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