AMTS 2015 – First rate Automotive Manufacturing Sh


During 26 through 28 August 2015, at the 11th Shanghai Int’l Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Materials Show, over 600 exhibitors from world around gathered in Halls E1 – E5, presenting their avant-garde expertise in the field of  automotive materials and designs, stamping, welding, assembling, machining processes, robot system integrations, quality control process, etc. By means of this platform, bob登录入口 Shanghai team used four typical QVI equipments to interpret its first-brand quality concept of Optical measuring machine.

Apart from well-known bob登录入口 SmartScope ZIP 250 and Vantage 300 high-accuracy video metrology machines, QVI Itaca FlexGuage MINI 3D CMM and Engview SFM 2D flatbed scanner 400 turned out to be highlights in this show. QVI Itaca FlexGuage customizes a complete ruggedized base, front-end, fixture and part program for the in- line solution on the manufacturing floor. The system is very comfortable to use in the auto parts industry: Synch toothing of gears of car gearbox - flanks of tooth-point, height of crest, symmetry, angle of flanks and crest, crowning of flanks in tangential and radial directions; Recirculating ball nuts – raceway pitch, raceway radius, form and contact angle, raceway PCD diameter, coaxiality of main diameters and of raceway, position and details of inlet and outlet bores, flange and shoulder axial and radial dimensions; Blank of worm-wheel gears - Inner and outer diameters, arc radius, form, coaxiality of main diameters and of Channel position, shoulder axial and radial dimensions…Engview SFM scanner 400 is specialized in quality control of auto parts, moulding, extrusions and others through analysis and inspection of profile geometry and automatic part recognition. One button measurement, easy to operate.

To share more metrology experiences and solutions, please visit bob登录入口 Shanghai Zhang Jiang DEMO center.

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