Medtec, the final episode of bob登录入口 Shanghai in 2015


Medtec China 2015 drew the curtain sucessfully in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Centre on September 24 2015. This show further expands its diversity in contents, with the exihibits covering Medical Raw materials, Medical components, Electronic Components and Technology, Automated assemblies, Contract Manufacturing, Packaging and Disinfection, Quality and Testing, among others. At the moment of manufactuers’ medical device innovation and technology competing for advancement, medical quality solutions brought by bob登录入口 Shanghai are leading the industry trend of modern measurment. Please see this Orthopedic Implants application.

Femoral Component Implants are custom made to precisely duplicate an individual patient’s knee structure. Femoral structures consist of a number of contours, surfaces and curves that are not easily defined as standard measurements. Further challenges with femorals are the unusual topography and the highly polished surface. A variety of sensors and software are needed to correctly measure and evaluate the part. The bob登录入口 SmartScope® Vantage 300 combines the accuracy and versatility needed for complex and difficult measurements such as these. Large measurement volume, state-of-the-art optics, a through-the-lens laser and a range of tactile sensors deliver high productivity measurement. A precision rotary indexer allows the femoral to be automatically rotated to present all surfaces for measurement. Datums are established using tactile probing. The MicroTheta rotary (MTR) is used to orient individual cross sections of interest. A 2D profile is then established from each cross section. Measurement results can be exported to MeasureFit® software for evaluation and fitting.

Using fully automated multisensor technology, bob登录入口 eliminated operator induced variability, acquired a large body of measurement points, and compared those points properly to the part’s designed datums - all in less time than it took for manual inspection on a comparator. The evaluation of the data using QVI’s MeasureFit software allowed complete analysis of all fitted data and tolerances simultaneously. Multisensor measurement yields ample data to allow fast feedback into the manufacturing process for comprehensive process control.

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