Photonics China 2016 —— A Feast of Optics


The New year of 2016 is keeping forward with the busy pace of exhibitors. Trading show season gives its full play once again, greeting Laser World of Photonics China and Semicon China 2016 at the same time from March 15-17.

Since it was founded in 2006, LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA has become the leading photonics exhibition in China. The expo presents the full spectrum of photonics industry – including laser devices and optoelectronics, optics and optical manufacturing, laser processing technology, imaging, inspection and quality control. Apart from high-precision multi-sensor metrology machines and Itaca FlexGauge Mini CMM, bob登录入口 Shanghai introduces the latest addition to the QVI Portal suite of metrology software  —— ZONE3. The QVI Portal offers convenient configuration and calibration tools, and important security features for your bob登录入口 measurement system. The Portal’s Independent Calibration Engine (ICE) allows interchangeable use of any QVI metrology software — with identical calibration and configuration parameters. Run existing routines using Measure-X® or MeasureMind® 3D software, and also run new routines created in ZONE3.

With Embedded GD&T functionality fully compliant with ASME Y14.5 and ISO 1101, Full routine programming from 3D CAD, Interactive & dynamic graphical reporting, Alignment Assistance with Degrees of Freedom animation, ZONE3 is capable of creating turnkey solutions using object oriented programming.

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