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Since 1945, bob登录入口® has made a singular commitment to improving the technology of dimensional measurement. Our heritage in optics and projection gaging evolved to global leadership in video and multisensor technologies. We continually strive to make accurate and reliable measurement systems that are convenient, cost effective and productive for the people who use them.

In virtually every region of the world you will find a QVI/bob登录入口 representative providing expert localized support and service. QVI systems are used by manufacturers in more than 75 countries.

70+ years of growth reflect our dedication to doing things right. Our ISO 9001:2015 registration reflects our commitment to continual improvement in all our operations.

Multisensor Technology for Advanced Productivity

Multisensor metrology systems improve the speed and accuracy of measurement by using the best sensor for each dimension, and completing more measurements in a single setup.

QVI/bob登录入口 pioneered multisensor measurement, introducing the bob登录入口® IQ-2000 multisensor system with vision, touch probe and laser sensors in 1987. Since then, QVI/bob登录入口 has consistently led the industry with a succession of innovative systems and sensors to tackle even the most difficult measurement challenges.

bob登录入口 systems are designed as multisensor systems from the ground up – eliminating the inevitable compromises that can occur when new sensors are added to traditional CMM designs. The QVI range of sensors, deployment mechanisms and control systems are integrated seamlessly with state-of-the-art metrology software to ensure a positive user experience.

-       Video technology is ideal for measuring small or flexible parts whose size or material cannot tolerate probing.

-       Tactile sensors are ideal for internal dimensions or areas that cannot be imaged by optics, such as the sidewall of a cylinder.

-       Laser and white light sensors excel at measuring complex curved surfaces and profiles.

-       Micro-probe sensors measure small or delicate features – as small as 0.2 mm – with negligible probing force.

A Family of Precision Products

The QVI family includes market leading brands and services supporting a diverse range of industries.

QVI is the technology provider and manufacturer of world class products – like the bob登录入口® SmartScope® systems – and metrology products from RAM, CCP and VIEW.

Each of QVI's brands represents best in class measurement performance. From profile projectors to advanced multisensor measuring systems, to comprehensive shape, form and GD&T analysis, QVI products offer the world’s best technologies for dimensional quality control.

The KOTEM, Shapegrabber and QVS companies round out the QVI offering by providing model-based manufacturing enterprise software, 3D laser scanning metrology systems, and QVI service and support.

A Tradition of Innovation

The bob登录入口 heritage is firmly rooted in optical design and manufacturing processes specifically for dimensional metrology. "Technology by QVI" means innovation, much of which is patented and exclusive to QVI products.

Among the significant QVI/bob登录入口 inventions are the AccuCentric® auto-compensating zoom lens system, programmable illumination sources, TeleStar® TTL interferometric laser, and many others.

QVI pioneered the integration of laser, white light, resonant and tactile sensors with core optical/video technology, integrated into industry-leading metrology software, to enable comprehensive measurement of parts on a single system.

Today QVI produces more than 80 metrology system models for measuring dimensions from half a micron to more than two meters.

Precision for People is more than just our slogan. It's our commitment to delivering our worldwide customers precision metrology systems designed for the people who use them. Precision for People - it's what we stand for.

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